Blog Post Review

The main topic for the blog was to have articles about the latest and greatest technology. Our aim was to create a place where people interested in new technology could come and see what has been released lately. The plan was to cover a range of topics from computers, portable tech, consoles and more. We planned to keep up with what was being released by looking at recent events and news coming from shows like E3, MWC, CES and PAX.

We chose our topic because we are all interested in the latest technology and it is constantly evolving so there are plenty of subjects to pick from on a daily basis.

Starting the blog we worked as a team to come up with the name of the blog we made a list of names we thought would reflect our blog and then set out to see if they were available on WordPress. Once we had found a name that was suitable and available we set out to find a theme for out blog layout. We browsed the templates section on WordPress until we found a theme which we could all agree on and suit the style of the blog we wanted to portray.

The software we used to create the blog was:

  • WordPress
  • Microsoft Word
  • Polldaddy
  • Diigo

Some of the features I used in the programs I used included Add media in WordPress which let me add pictures and videos into blog posts. I also used the hyperlink feature to add hyperlinks to words in my blog. I also used the table feature in word to create a table for my blog then I copy and pasted it onto my blog as this was the easiest method to add a table to my blog. To create a poll on my blog I used the polldaddy feature because polldaddy is already built into WordPress and I didn’t need to download any add-ons. I used Diigo to bookmark the websites I used and keep everything in one place relating to my blog and tagging everything that’s to do with the blog so I can find it easier

The websites I used to get my information from are and
these were good sites to use as I know that they are both reliable and reputable news sources known around the world. With regards to copyright I found images that had creative commons licences so I didn’t breach any copyrights and followed the licence agreement. Having selected the websites I navigated through the sub heading technology to find the latest stories on technology.

Having access to the internet was a big part in the IT resources as without the internet it would be impossible to get any IT resources. Having access to news websites to find the latest technology was a huge help also news websites always put the latest tech on their front pages so you don’t have to search around for it. Diigo was a great help in organising all my sources and was really easy to use.

The only difficulty I had was finding good quality images that didn’t have any copyright on them and had creative commons licences; the most difficult was trying to find an image of twitter that wasn’t copyrighted.

The corrections I made were to check my spelling and grammar mistakes, and the improvements I made to the blog were to add hyperlinks, images, a table and add a poll to one of my blog posts so I could get some interaction on my post.

If I had more time and skills the project could be improved further by editing the WordPress blog in html and css and I could have made a custom template for the blog which would have looked better than one of the default templates.

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