Blog Project Review

The topic for my project was technology. I chose this topic since I’m doing an apprenticeship in IT, and various aspects of technology such as phones and gaming interest me.

Software I used for this project included:

  • Internet browser
  • Diigo bookmarking tool
  • Microsoft Word
  • WordPress
  • PollDaddy

The internet browser I used was Google Chrome. I’ve not tried using Diigo with any other browser, but it just seems to blend in well enough with Chrome. I used Diigo to get links to sources of information, such as the specs for my OnePlus One phone review, and I used it to get screenshots of my search results using Google. Diigo’s ability to store all this in a library and tag items makes it easier to access information for future reference.

Word was useful to make a table which I could then copy and paste into my blog. The reason for this is because there’s no simple method to insert a table in WordPress. You can use HTML, but that can be quite time consuming, and Word is able to create a table in literally seconds. And then of course for the actual blog itself, I used WordPress. I was surprised at how good the user interface was and the various admin tools that company’s can use. One disappoint however is that you have to pay to use CSS styling, so I was stuck with the mostly bland free themes. For my poll I used PollDaddy, this is because it’s affiliated with WordPress, and so integrating the poll into my blog was simple and effective.

One website I used for my information was GearNuke. I found this website when searching on Google for PC/console comparisons, and one of their articles was a top hit in the results. I read through it, and it seemed like an unbiased opinion on the topic so I chose to link to it in my blog. Another website I used for information was the BBC website. I used this when researching information on the Apple watch, and what happened at the press conference. I used BBC because it’s an internationally known company, so it’s technology articles were likely to be highly informative and accurate, which they proved to be. To find the article about Apple watches, I simply searched through it using the websites search bar, and I then read the whole article, making note of key points to use in my blog. With the OnePlus One phone, I used the find tool to see if there was an explanation for the invite system.

In this project, we had to work in a small group to come up with ideas for our blogging website. We worked together to come up with the name, and the general format and theme of the content in the blog posts. We then browsed the template themes together, until we found one we all agreed we liked and could use. It was important that all members of the team gave their opinions so we could end up with an outcome which would please everyone involved.

To avoid breaching copyright laws, I searched for images through Creative Commons, making sure they were licensed to be shared and used non-commercially. Any images used on my site contained the source either within the image, or captioned underneath it.

IT was basically a necessity for this project, and was very useful in terms of formatting and improving the general look and feel of my blog posts. The Diigo tool was also very useful, as I was able to save all of my sources, whether it be key points of information, or images used to prove I haven’t breached copyright laws.

Some of the disadvantages however is that the spell check on WordPress is under American format, which can make proofreading a bit trickier than it normally would be, as some words which are spelled correctly in the UK are different in America. I also had a slight problem when trying to find a picture of a gaming PC which I could legally use. I couldn’t find a picture of the one I initially chose, however after choosing a different brand I was able to find a usable image through Creative Commons.

An improvement made towards the later stage of the project was to check for less obvious grammar errors, and when words in certain situations do or don’t require capital letters. These changes help to make my blog look more professional and educated.

With more time and skill, I’d be able to improve further by maybe looking at alternatives websites for blog posts, just to compare with WordPress. Something with the ability to freely customize CSS layouts would be useful, so I can really make the blog personal to match the theme.

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One Response to Blog Project Review

  1. Leia says:

    Good reflective account.

    The self-hosted version of WordPress allows all those customistation btw. We use it for our main ITeC blog. But this hosted one just takes all the hassle of keeping on top of security patches, and worrying about web space away.

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