The Creators-Documentary film Ft, Zoella, TomSka and NikiNSammy

The creators are a YouTube channel that specialize in advice videos on how to make a successful YouTube career but they have  recently put up a video about some successful YouTubers called Zoella, TomSka and NikiNSammy who have all found fame by making videos on YouTube.

Zoella is a Beauty tutorial but has also made some Vlogs(Video Logs) and Collaboration videos with her friends and boyfriend(PointlessBlog) and almost all of her videos has over 1 million views.

TomSka is an animation specialist but also does Vlogs and silly little comedy sketches and he has 3 different channels: TomSka , DarkSquidge and EddsWorld.

NikiNSammy are Vloggers who upload different types of Vlogs like , For example, their series called TWINS TRY CANDY, where they try all different types of candy from around the world.

The Creators video involves talking about the serious side of YouTube, The negative comments and the negativity that comes with the “haters” (Trollers). Another thing they mention is how committed they are to uploading videos.

The Youtubers don’t consider themselves as famous but other people think they are really famous as they have over 100,000 watching them. Zoella mentions that some fans take it to the extreme and stand outside her house and tag letters to her car window wipers and in the door. TomSka mentions the that he has become a YouTuber as he wasn’t very good at interacting in the real world and that he has been diagnosed with depression his friend sadly died and the impact its had on him and his Youtuber as his channel called EddsWorld he did with that friend.

Most Youtubers hide their true self and become someone their not for the camera so they come across as funny or different to who they are in the real world. The money involved in YouTube is incredible considering all they do is post videos of them playing games or just posting their life online for others to see, for example, PewDiePie earns £10 million pound just by playing games and being silly.

Some YouTubers do become big-headed as the “fame” does get to them and they take it for granted and stop uploading videos as much or they start insulting their subscribers. Most Youtubers use professional editing to edit out the dull parts and the boring bits so people keep watching and don’t get bored. People do get lucky with some videos as people search for something and their video is on top of the search list and the majority of people looking for stuff like gameplay videos then they would watch the first video and carry on watching their series and if they like the persons videos then they would subscribe to that person like Zoella for example, if you’re looking for a makeup tutorial then her channel pops up and it shows all the makeup tutorials she has done in a playlist and if you’re looking for people trying american candy then NikiNSammy come up on the first page.


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Nazywam się Kyle Delaney jestem 16 lat i mieszkam w Swansea i kocham anime أنا أحب لعب كرة السلة في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع MY NAME IS JEFF!!
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