The Creators (Youtube)

I learned that from the video The Creators that you have to put effort in order to achieve fame and recognition on Youtube. It really depends on what you’re doing but Youtube does have a big audience, such as gaming or comedy which is the most popular genres that are being watched on Youtube.

When you have a big audience that have subscribed to your account and you have over 100,000 subscribers Youtube will pay you for adverts from Google which are called ”Adsense”. Many famous youtubers such as KSI, Pewdiepie, LinusTechTips earn allot of their income from sponsorships and adverts. But its not all about money fame is what makes you it and to become famous and stick to something you’re good at is hard especially when you have to publish videos for either millions of people or thousands of people. Sometimes to succeed in the Youtube career you will have to either act or edit a lot of things to make the video more interesting or funny, sometimes that can even change a person but usually popular YouTube stars do a lot of acting to get views and likes.

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