My time at Itec

I came to Itec hoping to get a work placement.  When I started I made some good friends and got along with all tutors and staff.  My time here got me a placement at Environment Centre Swansea and now I have proceeded to finding my self a full time job in sales.

While I was at Swansea Itec i learned a lot and also learned about the adult world.  When to speak and not to speak lol.  I’m pleased with the performance i gave and also pleased with how good Itec are.


About tjonesitec

I'm 17 years of age and live in the United Kingdom. Recently started in Swansea ITeC to study a level 1 course and hopefully carry on with IT in my foreseeable future. At the moment I'm doing a 4 week engagement course. I started in NPTC but dropped out shortly, I was studying a Level 3 Btec IT course. So far I think Swansea Itec is good, but I just can not wait to start a placement and learn more things. My ideal work placement would be business or admin work or office work. When I finish my course here I would like to get a job out of it at the end.
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