IOL pt. 1 and progress so far

What has been learned?

Over the past two months I have learnt many different things on Photoshop, I have learnt how to animate in PhotoShop and am currently working on a task titled “The Journey”. In the animation, I am animating a 2D platform game styled animation of “me” running and jumping over lava and battling enemies to reach my end goal. I’ve also learned short hands and little tricks in PhotoShop to help speed up productivity. I also did some concept art and learnt how to do it at a novice level, but I didn’t think it was something I’d be able to do and I feel like I did a good job on that said project.

I’ve also learnt how to find information on the internet by cutting down the search words to the bare minimum

How was it learned?

It was learnt by being giving tasks in PhotoShop where I am allowed to excercise creative freedom and challenge myself often to try something I don’t now how to do (example in first paragraph) and other various tasks such as internet searching for relevant information tasks.

So far I feel everything has gone well, I’ve enjoyed being able to use PhotoShop alot. I feel that the concept art went well, and thus far so has the animation. I feel very capable of tasks and rarely struggle in tasks I have an avid interest in.

What went less well?

The things that went less well would be ForSkills as this was boring and tedious, however I got on with it never the less.

What needs to be done to further improve?

I feel that my attitude is getting better, and my confidence also, so I feel asthough I need to keep working on those, I need to keep using PhotoShop in different ways and exploring other aspects of graphics, I need to conflict less and get on with my work.
I also need to continue stepping outside of my comfort zone.

People who have helped me thus far would mainly be my tutor, Faye Chapman.
She’s helped me by making me do concept degisn, and given my limited knowledge of concept design and the process I feel I did a decent job which gave me more confidence in my abilities.

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One Response to IOL pt. 1 and progress so far

  1. Leia says:

    Good honest self reflection.

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