First Off The Job Day At ITEC.

My name’s Callum, I have recently started a new job at AB Glass working in the IT trade department, sorting through quotes and making up the designs on the computer.

For my first week there I was shadowing a previous apprentice at ITeC (Scott Leonard) but I have recently been given my own desk and gradually been given work to do on my own. This work includes drawing designs that customers have sent in by using the Smarts V6 programme that we have installed on the computers there. I would draw up various different products such as Bi Folding designs, Patio and Hinge door designs and Casement windows. We would then print off these designs which gives you specific prices of things like metal and accessories. From this we would then work out the costing of these items and type it up using the costing sheet that’s already designed on Microsoft Excel. We then email the customers a copy of this and also save it in our records.  Then, if the customer would like the place the order we would sent it through for the order to be made after completing a pick list.

Today is my first off the job day at Swansea ITeC,  I have been given more information as to what work this apprenticeship will require me to do and I have also been setting up the various different accounts and emails I will need to use during my time here.

The type of work I will be doing involves learning how to make my own Spreadsheet from scratch, making my own Word document and learning how to set out the page and what is the best layout.

I will also be completing various different exams throughout the course so I will also be learning everything I need to know so I can pass these exams. You need to get a minimum of 38 credits to achieve the apprenticeship.

I have also been shown how to access and use Moodle so I can go on there and look at sample questions and try and improve my ability in various different categories when revising for the exams and doing my coursework.

Previously this week I was also here going through the various regulations, getting shown around the building and getting myself used to the area. This helped me settle in quickly and feel more comfortable when arriving.


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One Response to First Off The Job Day At ITEC.

  1. Leia says:

    A lot of apprentices of our have gone through ABGlass, they seem to have a good handle on the programme!

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