I have arrived, I am here people

As you know already, my name is Lawrence. I have enjoyed my first day(well if you do not count my induction)and have made very interesting friends here. I hope that I enjoy my stay here not only today but for the rest of my stay.

The staff are are lovely and the rules make sense. I hope to progress to Lwyn Y Bryn art school ( well it’s a certainty I will as I have a placement secured for me) and develop my Photoshop skills and cad skills while i am here.

I love art ,photography, politics and architecture( hope to be an architect in the future).


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2 Responses to I have arrived, I am here people

  1. kdelaneyitec says:


  2. Leia says:

    “Acceptable” (!)

    I’m sure the others will love to hear that… I’m afraid you’ll be spared me until after the commercial networking course has finished as I usually teach your group Wednesday’s but am teaching Network+ instead at the moment!

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