Heathy eating

Hello Earth

After I came back me and Kyle continued to participate in the Workshop which involved heathy eating in my preference I am on a seefood diet!! I see food I eat it haha like the joke enjoy

so we talked about carbohydrates and proteins and different types of exercises

Cardio: running


Anaerobic: sprinting

flexibility: palarties

strength: wight lifting

I do believe I put a bit to much food on my plate so I should put less on but FOOD tastes SO GOOD  I do beleve that i must change my plate but it will take time

Faye had talked to me about type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Type 1 can happen through genetics or not obeying the warning from type 2

Type 2 can occurs anytime during your life and if you decide to continue the same in life you can gain type 1 diabtetes

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