What you should or shouldn’t not do.

As I am healthy already, I do know a bit about healthy eating and maintaining a healthy diet. I try and keep sugars and fats on the down low. I do have a day in the week where this does not apply, and eat chocolate and donates as a treat, and what ever other food that is fatty or is full of sugar. It is very important to have a balanced diet. not just for one or two days but for the whole of the week. Eat plenty of veg and fruit’s  s they are the main contributors, as well as carbohydrates  to a healthy lifestyle. I advise to avoid taking tea, coffee, cold drinks, chocolate. In short avoid caffeine contained products.

It is also very important that you exercise in the week, as this builds muscle mass. It is also good to care for your mental well-being, by staying happy during the day. watch funny moves or listen to music. if exercising, its good to listen to music as not only does it motivate  you to say exercising but doubles the amount of endorphin’s that are being released from your body.

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