My Job Preference

My preferred job is something that is more hands on than just sitting I have to be active I can’t sit still I get bored, I will also like a job that will make me think not have me do the same redundant task over and over.

I would like to have some experience in retail as I think this will be beneficial to my career also I would like to improve my communication skills as they are lacking as of this moment. I feel this would greatly improve my employ-ability to the employers.

I would also like to work with other people as I feel working on my own gets boring and repetitive, were as working in a team boost my productivity and creativity.

I would like a apprenticeship as I have tried college and it was not for me the work load was too much and the with my dyslexia that impairs my progress with the exams and written part of the course I find that an apprenticeship will suit me more than a classroom format.

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One Response to My Job Preference

  1. Leia says:

    One nice thing about retail is the day tends to go fast, as you’re always busy.

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