I have been working at Pentrehafod School for quite a few weeks now, I’ve learned alot!

I don’t have any real duties however, everyday is a different day and with that comes completely random problems, because of this my schedule has been somewhat erratic.

I have however done a bunch of things, let me list some of them.

  • Install wireless access points.
  • Fixing computers with software problems.
  • Fixing computers with hardware problems..(a computer psu blew up…I was oddly excited about this..)
  • Ghosting computers.
  • Installing and replacing computer accessories, mice,keyboards ect.
  • Installing software from a disk.
  • General troubleshooting.
  • Installing ram into at least 22 Computers.

So needless to say I’ve been quite busy, overall I have learned a ton and am really enjoying my work placement.


About rcridlanditec

Watashinonamaeha watashi ga otaku mono no tame ni idaina ai o motte iru Ricky Cridland ari, korera ni wa... Anime, gēmu, konpyūtahādou~ea, bideo henshū, gurafikku dezain nado o
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