ICT Project review

The topic of this project was to find accommodation and travel for my manager during a two day business trip in London. I chose this topic as I believe it would be beneficial for my course, as I could be asked to do this in future. I used Microsoft Word and Excel to put together this project. In Word I used tables and inserted images, and in Excel I used formulas, graphs and pie charts.

For my research, I used whatgas (http://www.whatgas.com) for petrol prices and tripadvisor (www.tripadvisor.co.uk) for restaurants. I liked using whatgas as it was easy to navigate and find the information required. I know this site is reliable as it is regularly updated with the change of petrol prices.
I enjoyed using tripadvisor as it shows user ratings and reviews from personal experience. Managers also have the option to reply to customer reviews. I know this site is reliable as it is a collection of user opinions and not at all biased towards the company.

As I was using images from hotel websites, I had to take copyright into consideration. This means I had to credit the websites in the appendix of my report. Screenshots of Google maps do not fall under copyright. Upon using these hotel websites, I had to locate the required information. I did this via the search option and by using the subheadings and linked pages.
In hindsight, I think the use of IT in this project was quite successful. Resources such as Diigo were extremely helpful for saving websites, cache copies and tagging them for their uses. Diigo also allowed me to highlight and save specific information. For example, to save information on the Ford Mondeo, I added it to my Diigo under the tag “cars”, and highlighted the required information, such as what litre engine it is and what kind of fuel it uses. I didn’t, however, find anything difficult in using IT resources or using IT in this project. Although I did use hand calculations to work out the percentages for my pie chart instead of using a formula by dividing the cost of the expense by the total cost and multiplying it by 100.

Between my first and final draft I’ve made a considerable amount of changes and improvements. Other than basic grammar changes such as changing the ‘c’ in ‘centre’ to be a capital, I had to change the layout of my report as it didn’t flow very well and add in extra information such as graphs, surveys and pie charts. I made these changes to make the report easier to read and to give evidence of the figures.

I could have improved further this project by finding a wider range of hotels to research or finding an alternative form of travel.

I also had to do a sort and filter task in Microsoft Excel. I had to narrow down a dataset of 2849 postcodes to a single one, which would have been the postcode for the London ExCel Centre. The postcode for this was E16 1XL.

To do this I first tidied up the data given, sorting it alphabetically and making sure the columns were large enough for the data. I then had to copy and paste this sorted data onto a new page to begin to narrow down the search.

I decided to search by postcode. I had to find the postcode of the ExCel Centre to do this, which I did by googling the centre. I then filtered the postcodes by the text filter and using the setting “begins with ‘E'”. I had to copy and paste this filtered data onto another new page to continue my filtering.

I used the same method to filter down to the final postcode. I filtered the postcode using the text filter and “begins with ‘E16′” to find the postcode of the ExCel Centre.

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