Persuasive writing: eSports

eSports is growing at an extraordinary rate, the eSports market is currently worth $194 million a year, and eSports related revenue is predicted to hit $465 million by 2017, that’s over double in two years. eSports is not just shooter based in fact quite the opposite, as the largest eSports titles include: Star Craft II, Dota 2 and League of Legends, all of which are strategy games. The largest eSports tournament prize pool was a whopping $10,931,103.00 and was for “The International 2014” Dota 2 tournament, the prize pool was more than 3 times than the previous year, at still a mind boggling  $2,874,407.00.

eSports has given youngsters a career path that wasn’t there years ago, Korea’s most famous player Lee, Jae Dong has grossed over $581,540.64 from Star Craft, whilst other big names from different games such as Matthew Haag, from Call of Duty, has earned over $205,400.00 and an annual amount of $600,000 dollars per year from sponsorship deals, merchandise, and his YouTube channel which has now reached 1,802,932 subscribers.

To the question you’re asking, the answer is no, Matthew Haag or “NaDeSHoT” as he is know within the gaming community, was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he worked had to get where he has, whilst being not the most skilled player in Call of Duty he is by far the most famous, Haag puts his success to his parent’s support, hard work and determination.

So, given the knowledge that this is a valid career path, and that people can truly make a living of this I think that parents should encourage their children to play eSports if that’s what the want to do, as parents you support your child’s decision you could help turn your child from a gamer who has potentially no prospects, into a potential living for them.

Enough with this job snobbery and looking down on gaming, gaming is slowly becoming a very possible career path, and should be treated as such.

Link to article from the Daily Mail covering Matthew Haag bellow

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