My Experience

My Experience at ITEC has been good I have learnt a lot of stuff about the workings of a PC and haven’t been doing it for a while it takes a while for me to learn things but I have been able to pick things up quickly. My experience with the apprentices was good they are more focused and that allowed me to do my work without interruption I think I prefer working in their as there is no way to get distracted as everyone gets on with their work and being in that type of surrounding allows me to focus more and do the best I can.

The assessment I am doing is going good there are somethings that were not clear to me to beginning with but with the help of Leia I was able to understand the majority of it and now and confident that with enough revision I think I will do well in the exam in two weeks.

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2 Responses to My Experience

  1. Leia says:

    It was good to see you settle into the group especially into the second half of the session. I think you’ll get a lot out of being surrounded by learners of apprenticeship level.

    Did you notice how they helped each other with bits they were stuck on? The satisfaction of solving them is something they all (and me and Stella) enjoy.

    And how they stayed to talk about the Windows10 update after I’d already told them they were finished and could go?

    Working hard (even on hard problems) is a lot easier if you have a good peer group and a real interest in the technology and are willing to stick at the hard problems!

    • cevansitec says:

      yes i think it was good how they all worked together no one really being at the center of it all everyone helping each other

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