Planning For Progression

What I aim to achieve by the end of the course is to be able to easily understand how the inside of the computer works and how to fix any problems involved with that. I would also like to improve my confidence in a work environment, to be able to further my career. The ways in which I will achieve this is to focus more on the work other than my surroundings and distractions on the internet. A few rules are to make sure to attend the work placement and do all work on time. The rules for offline in the classroom are don’t eat in class, don’t talk while others are talking, and don’t swear but the rules for online are don’t go on any sites that are inappropriate for the work space like Facebook, YouTube, and sites worse than that. Another rule is at break times and lunch times are that you must take regular breaks from the PC so the room will be locked during those times.

The facilities provided are good they have up to date security so that the PC are running at the best they can and that when we are online we are safe and it alerts us to any sites that may have a virus on. they also have a variety of different rooms for us to go in like the TFT lab that allows us to use more advanced programs, there is also a kitchen that allows us to chill out and eat our food and there is also equipment to practice our exams on.  The support here is good as if there is a problem with the work you can just ask any tutor and they will guide you in the right direction without giving you the answer to still make you work but it just takes the stress a little bit. If there is any problem outside as well they will give you support and time if you need it to sort things out. And there is also career support if I need any advice or support there are people who are here to help.

To be able to study correctly you must have the right frame of might you must be positive and always want to do the work. Not just sit there and say you can’t be bothered the attitude you need to have is a positive one. If your attitude is that you think you’re the best it won’t reflect in your work as you will not try as hard you must have the attitude to want to be the best rather than you are the best. I think my personal qualities are that I want to learn and have a drive to want to learn I am also a very friendly person with the attitude to match I am also quite good at rugby this has given me the ability to work as part of a team while also improving my personal problem solving skills. Being the captain of the rugby team for two years has given me leader ships skills and the ability to solve problems for a team. An example of work I felt good about is the fact that with just a little bit of revision I was able to do the first part of the exam which no problems I feel confident that in two weeks I will be able to do the exam without that much difficulty. I also feel confident in learning from other pupils as they know the situation I am in and are willing to help. I am also confident in installing software as I have had lots of practice installing when installing program in the TFT lab and also updating them and finding out the information needed.

Areas that I can improve on is the rate in which I do work without getting distracted with outside sources like YouTube and Facebook and the fact that the work I produce is not to the standards expected of me. Realistic targets for me are that I want to be able to identify different parts of a computer and if there is a problem to be able to fix it effectively . I also want to build my confidence with communication to allow me to do the job I wish to do to build on these targets I could take online classes and watch tutorials on how to take apart PC and how to correctly put it back together. To build my confidence in communications I could watch videos on how to reduce my social anxiety and do mock phone calls and mock interviews to review my progress I have monthly meetings with my tutor and I regularly send her work to mark and send back to me.

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