Business Conference

For this project, I had to put together travel arrangements for my manager to attend a conference in London. The conference is taking place in the Excel centre on the 23rd and 24th of April. For the project, I had to consider if it would be easier for my manager to travel to the conference the day before and travel back the day after the conference. I had to search the internet for information on train prices, bus prices and prices of 10 different petrol stations throughout Swansea. I then had to look for the prices of 3 different hotels near the Excel Centre.

I chose this project as I have a decent understanding and experience in arranging short stay trips, so I thought that my experience would be beneficial for this project.

Throughout the project, I mainly used Microsoft Word, but there were some parts where I was expected to use Excel.

Throughout the project, I was using features such as tables and graphs to show different costs.

Apart from my hand calculations to show which car would have been cheaper to drive to London and back with, I was using the internet for research. I was using sites such as and to gather information for prices on travel and accommodation.

These sites were good to use as they are trustworthy sites that offers many different price options.

I knew these sites were reliable as I have used them before. These sites were also the official sites.

I made sure that I didn’t use any pictures without permission and checked that any information I did use didn’t breach any copyright infringements.

The information was relatively easy to find on the sites. All I really had to do was insert the information I was looking for into the search bar on the sites.

Adding the information to Microsoft Word and putting it all together for the final draft was easy. This was helped by being able to resort to diigo to find the links I had been using for different sources of information. This saved me a lot of time by not having to either try and remember where I got the information or search through the history on my computer.

The most difficult part of using IT for this project was adding the hand calculations to the final project. This was because the hand calculations kept changing in size and started to put the final work out of proportion. This took a while to rectify but eventually the images were put to scale.

Between my first and final draft, more images such as screen shots of maps were added in. I also added in more information regarding the hotels and the distances between the hotels and the Excel centre. I also added in a pie chart and a table of total costs to the summary. I also made corrections to spelling and grammar as well as the layout of the project.

When using records I researched petrol prices in garages local to where I live and work, i.e. Port Talbot, Neath and Swansea. I found;

  • Neath – 7 garages
  • Port Talbot – 8 garages
  • Swansea – 10 garages

Once I had these details I worked out the averages for each location;

  • Neath – £116.46
  • Port Talbot – £114.65
  • Swansea – £111.86

Once I had the averages I then worked out the average of the average and this was £111.86. With this information I then filtered the price of petrol in all garages to see which location had the cheapest petrol prices.

The result of this task identified that all 10 Swansea petrol prices were below the combined total average (£111.86) with Neath and Port Talbot only having 2 garages each. As the number of garages in each location was different it influenced the outcome. To make it more accurate I could have only used the prices of 7 garages in each location.

Use of median and mode average could also have been used. The median average is the middle amount and the mode the more recurring amount as shown in the spreadsheet.

Working out the different averages for Swansea and Port Talbot have shown that they are very similar; whereas the Neath averages show large differences i.e. Mean – £116.46, Median – £118.90and mode – £104.90.

The research also showed that Neath had the highest petrol average (£116.46) even though it had the fewest number of garages. Is this because of lower demand or traders taking advantage to increase profit?

As I work in the Swansea area it would benefit me to buy my petrol in one of the Swansea garages (Murco at £103.90 per litre). The lower prices ion all garages could be due to more competition in the area?

I made these changes as they made the final project more interesting and helped make it look better.

If I had more time or skills, I would add more information about the hotels. In my project, I only added the distance between the hotels and the Excel centre as well as the price for however many nights my manager would be staying. I would have liked to have been able to add different reviews as well as add information about hotel amenities and what restaurants are available close by.

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