First Day

Hi my name is Keiron, I am 21 years of age and I live in Clase

I went to Tycoch College and studied Plumbing Services and Electronic Engineering I passed both, I worked in a bar while at college but the hours became to chaotic and had to focus on my studies instead. Once I passed the course, I then realised I didn’t want to spend all my time in college so I applied with the Job Centre to try and find work (easier said than done), while looking for work I also started volunteering in a local charity shop.

After this course I am hoping to either get a full time job or apprenticeship, I am also hoping to achieve the skills and experience required to be a successful IT Practitioner and expand on my own knowledge.

Some of my weaknesses are that I have rather poor money management skills and if I get overwhelmed I tend to close myself off

My strengths are that I have a strong understanding of different computer systems and that I consider myself a very enthusiastic person when it comes to technology

My previous experience with IT is that I have constructed my own Gaming PC by purchasing each individual parts and constructing it, then over time buying new parts and replacing parts with newer pieces as time goes on.

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