What i hope to achieve at Itec

I hope that by the end of this program, i would have developed the skills that are essential for the work pace and college. for instance skills such a Photoshop, CAD working and communicating with others, my writing and numeracy skills  and my knowledge of different styles of  architecture, this is what I hope to develop and improve by the end of the course.

for me to achieve the goals that i and my tutors have set me, I need to complete all tasks and work to the best of my ability. I also need to be more engaged with the work, programs such as Google sketch up distract me, so in order to stop that from happening, it has been installed on another computer so I do not get tempted to go on it in the middle of a task.

In order to work well in the working environment you need to have a positive attitude to work, and not only do you need a positive attitude in work but studying as well, things such as how you communicate with other people and how you complete tasks are all vital as to how people perceive you, if you have a negative attitude then you are less likely to stay in work or education as it affects how you work and interact with others.

The rules that have been set in Itec are very important, rules such as not going on your phone or disrupting the class are all deigned to help you succeed, if you do not abide by the rules that have been put in place, and then like anywhere else there would be consequences. Here are some examples of the rules that students have to abide by.

.no smoking inside or under ten feet of the building.

.no inappropriate use of the internet or computers.

.Do not disrupt the tutor when he or she is explaining the work or when talking to another person.

.Attend lesson and be punctual.

. No profanity.

.No bulling another student or be abusive to a member of staff.

At Itec, there are many facilities that the students can use, such as a canteen, toilets, and a smoking area outside. the canteen and the smoking area are only to be used when on brake or lurch not in lessons .we also have a lot of support here at Itec, such as counselling help with maths and English, and we have a review every month to asses our progress.

Before I came to itec i had some strengths such as confidence and a clear route that I wanted to take, though my communication skills and numeracy skills were lacking, now that I am at Itec  I have the ability and the time to work and develop those area areas of  improvement. Skills such as observation, work ethic and being ability to complete tasks are all important, in order for me to do well in college or in a placement, I need to develop those.

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