Ryan’s Photoshop workshop

This afternoon Ryan gave the group a demonstration on how to use Photoshop.  The workshop was to introduce the group to;

  • The different tools you can use
  • The effect they have when manipulating images

Ryan explained how to use these tools;

  • Brush
  • Eraser/background eraser
  • Pen
  • Shapes
  • Clone
  • Magic wand

Ryan also explained how to create different layers and why you need to do this, gave tips on keyboard shortcuts and how to change colours. He demonstrated all these before we were given time to do it ourselves.

As part of the workshop Ryan had us all to find an image to use and change. I chose a photo of a hippo that had escaped from a zoo in Tblisi when it was flooded.

Hippo image-1


cowboy on horse





During the workshop I searched for an image of a cowboy on horseback and then removed the cowboy and put him onto the Hippo’s back.



This was the result;

cowboy on Hippo

To do this task I used;

  • The eraser tool
  • Pen tool
  • Eye dropper tool
  • Brush tool

I also learner the different formats that you can use to save images and used the images I saved in this blog. I did have a few issues trying to insert the images and then had to re-save them in jpeg format before I could add them to this blog.

I must admit I found the workshop useful and when speaking to the others learners I think they did also. I haven’t read their blogs yet so not sure what they really thought.

So that the other learners do not feel left out, I discussed with them delivering a workshop to see  if they would share their IT skills with the group over the next few weeks. What did they reply; they all said “we don’t have any skills”  during further discussions it turns out they have. Surprise , surprise, the learners who are ITP focused have skills that the others in the group do not have. For a start they know what the control panel is for, “but we need admin passwords to do this” So I have said they can have it but be closely monitored during the workshop. They have 2 weeks to put together a workshop and deliver it to the group.

As for the other learners I will have to work on what they can do as a workshop.

This afternoon has worked well for me as I haven’t had to do too much to do, just have a play around with the computer. Oh, nearly forgot the purpose, LEARN about Photoshop.

Finally, I thought that Ryan did an excellent job of explaining the basics of the software and I hope that the others did too.

Well done Ryan!!




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