What I did today

Hi All,
Yesterday I and the rest of the class  attended Ryan’s workshop, Ryan had set up a workshop, as me and the rest of the class were not up to date with Photoshop, Ryan and the tutor set up a lesson, to broaden our knowledge of Photoshop.
at the start we opened  up Photoshop and Ryan explained what tools we were going to use in the class and what they did, we then got emailed an image from Ryan that we were going to edit. the image was a multi colored marble on a tripped duvet.
when we had imported the image into Photoshop, we were then given a task, we had to color the back ground black, in order to do this we were instructed how to use the tools necessary to complete this task
after we finally knew how to use the tools we were instructed to import an image of our choice and change it.
unfortunately i do not have any images except for the one Ryan emailed me as i forgot to save my work.
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