Fortunately for me I have read all the books and then watched almost all the hunger games films, so I can compare them. many people say the books are always better than the films, but in my case I was really impressed with  the movies, how in the book president snow wasn’t really a big character, rather just background camo, but in the films snow is much the opposite, I thought that this would be a recipe for disaster when I heard snow would be introduced allot more in the films than in the books, but the directer made the transition very smooth and honestly i thought the script for his role was perfectly suited and merged really well with the film.

president snow

Though there are many bits that are left out in the movies, for instance, at the last challenge of the hunger games film one, those smoosh-faced dog mutants are very deadly in the film, in the book, it was even more terrifying for the characters. Those mutant dogs  all had the eyes of the dead Tributes. Katniss looked into their faces and saw her fallen opponents and her friend rue, this was not put into the movie, and I feel that if it was it would have made the movie all the more interesting.

All in all I thought that the movies were a massive success not only did I enjoy them, but millions more did as well, but i will always enjoy reading the books over and over because they to are also entertaining.

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  1. rkentitec says:

    You haven’t added a title to this post, this makes it confusing to read and initially hard to understand. You should add a title which gives clarity to the article such as “The Hunger Games”. However, you appear to be passionate about The Hunger Games and this is transferred into your writing. You also made some valid points, good work!

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