ITeC and what I want to achieve by the end of the course.

By the end of the programme I want to achieve my goal of getting the ITQ that I am currently working towards. To follow the programme I need to follow all the rules that have been put in place and I need to turn up to ITeC.

The rules and regulations at ITeC are:

No smoking in the building.

No possession of drugs or use of drugs.

Treat it as a workplace.

Under no circumstances must you go in the restricted rooms such as the caretakers room downstairs.

Do not use the upstairs toilets as they are for guests and staff only.

The facilities available here are:



Water dispenser.

The support here is amazing, they will help you with any problem you have and what ever they can do, they do it and to much success.The positive qualities and attitudes that are needed for the workplace are to enjoy the work your doing and to be able to keep a positive relationship with your colleagues and customers if your in a business that deals with customers on a daily basis.

My personal strengths are:

Good communication.

Good team working skills.

I just get on with the work that is needed doing.

Something I feel good and confident doing in the workplace and learning is developing relationships with the customers/colleagues. I need to improve the time I take in doing my work and how I do it. I can improve it by trying to be quicker and try different ways in doing my work.


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Nazywam się Kyle Delaney jestem 16 lat i mieszkam w Swansea i kocham anime أنا أحب لعب كرة السلة في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع MY NAME IS JEFF!!
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