First workshop with Mark

On Tuesday, Me, Chris and Michael all took part in a Networking workshop with Mark Evans. He showed us the different types of Ethernet cables that are available and what they are primarily used for.

He then showed us how to strip the end of the cable to expose the wires, we then separated each individual wires and aligned them correctly according to the correct color code. Once we had arranged the cables in the correct order we cut them down to size and inserted them into the Ethernet jacks. When we was happy with the work, we used a tool called a Crimper which applies pressure to the Ethernet jack and holds all the wires in place and forms the connection.

We then preformed a continuity test to make sure the Ethernet cables we had just wired were working correctly, Once we was satisfied that they were all working correctly, we then began setting up the computers to a local file sharing network.

We was successful in sharing an Executable Installation file and was able to install a Demo version of the first person shooter game “Serious Sam 2.” Once the game was fully installed we then loaded up the game and set up a LAN (Local Area Network) game with Michael hosting it.

Even though I had already had previous experience with wiring up Ethernet cables during my time in college as an Electronic Engineer, I still found this very useful for refreshing my memory and as a troubleshooting exercise when issues arose with the File Sharing system.

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