My story review.

Title:     “Gunpowder, Treason, And Plot” Author: Harold Avery

At the start we are told that that the story is set in a grammar school. There is a new headmaster at the school who does not want  fireworks on bon fire night, and has had  the fire works cancelled, due to there being so many risks.

Through the story I noticed the language was very bland and proper, for instance “But he’s made no end of vexatious little rules that we never had before” ,Sounds very adult like. Not much slang had been introduced into the story. The slang that was introduced was very boring and over used. I am under the impression  that the target audience are children. I can only  assume that if this was read out in a class or to a child, the story wouldn’t be very enticing at all, though there were moments that were funny, but the way it was written wouldn’t be very stimulating for a younger audience.

As the story progresses the boys are formulating a plan to some how involve fire works. They plan that if everybody were to bring fireworks to the school then the head master could not expel all the student because then the school would have to shut down. when I got to this point the story unfolded in front of me, it was too predictable,even though this story is  for children. I am sure even the children would know what happens next as it is that predictable. Also it was very anti climatic, it would lead you up to a climax and then dismiss it.

I think that this story was written for children who are more privileged, the language that was used was very proper and old fashioned, many of the words we see have been eradicated due to modern slang,so i assume that this may have been written at an earlier date, such as the late Victorian era, or was written by someone from a more privileged  back ground. Due to this many children in the class, would not be very familiar with the language that was read, assuming it was read in a class today that is.

If this was written or even changed to better suit my era, I would change the langue that was used, maybe simplify it a bit more, and add more interesting plot twists to the story  so it is not that predicable. I would introduce some slang, not too much, but enough to relate to what the children say in the class room, as not to confuse them.

Over all, even though I could read it, it was very bland, bold,simple, dated and rather bland. It is not a a piece of literature I would read out to a class of children.

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