2 B R 2 B Review


This story 2 B R 2 B is written by Kurt Vonnegut it’s about a man who has to make a very important decision to make. The genre of the story is dark fantasy as there is a dark plot to it. I personally didn’t like this story as it was too dark and had a very mysterious background.


The story has a very dark story as it take place in an area where humanity is being culled there is population and an indefinite life span and the story is about Edward K. Wehling, Jr. who is having triplets and has an important decision to make to keep one and kill the other two but to keep one alive they must find one person who wants to die. There is also another important decision for another man a painter who has to paint a mural for the hospital but hates the way the world has turned out. The main characters in this story are Edward K. Wehling, Jr, Painter, Leora Duncan and Dr. Hitz. They are the only people who actually talk during the story they all face a dilemma some more serious than others Leora’s dilemma is which body her face should be painted on in the mural where as Painters dilemma is whether to live or to die. Edward has one guy who wants to die so he has to kill two of his children this is where Dr Hitz comes in he is the Head of the hospital and has been experimented on he is seven foot tall although he really doesn’t have a decision to make he is important to the story.

Personal reflection

I did not like story as the mood of the story there is no hope it’s all just doom and gloom and there is not really a happy vibe it is all negative I think that the world they live in has some positives such as living longer, stopping aging. There also things I don’t agree with such as culling the population just to keep people under control that is one of the main points of being alive is to experience things and make mistakes but also being able to make those mistakes work. in this world no one is allowed to make mistakes, I disagree with this I have made mistakes and I have learned from them but i was also punished but not to the severity of this world. Part of the story that really doesn’t sit right with me it the part where people’s jobs are to make people comfortable before they die. This is a disgusting job to even read about.

Critical analysis

The author’s purposes for the story is to make you think about how we spend are life and the severity of different decisions people have to make with their lives. I think that the author is successful in this as it makes you think about life and what you are doing it’s just the way he frame his point that makes me disagree with it. The setting of the story is set in the future where the world has been taken over by scientist who thinks that keeping the population at a cap. It is appropriate to the genre it fits into it has a very dark feeling you don’t expect this to be happening mid day you would expect it in the middle of the night when its raining. The characters develop in an interesting way the charterer of the painter changes greatly in the beginning he is against assisted suicide but throughout the story his image on it changes. As far as Edward is concerned his progression goes downhill he starts of loving his babies but in the end he ends up suicidal.


In conclusion I think that the story is good it had very good structure and good writing styles but I would recommend this story to people it is a bit dark but once you get over that you will be surprised that it is a good story

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