About Me

Hi, my name is Nathan Pelzer. I have left school will a Level 2 qualification, I then attended college to complete a level 2 national diploma in IT and I am waiting to get the results in August.

I done my work experience in Tesco’s. I worked for a week as a floor assistant which required me to do :- Staking selves, Stock control, etc.

I want to get some experience, and give me a good knowledge of which area of IT I would like to work in. I joined this course to give me a good understanding of the IT industry. I do not know what job I want at this stage but I hopefully want to know by the end of this engagement course.

After this course I want to get an IT apprenticeship, I don’t know what area but I what to try a bit of everything. I would like to expereince different areas of IT and see what i feel about them.

My hobbies are, I like socialising with my friends and love to have a kick about on the field. I also like gaming, I PC game and console game. I have a PS4 and like to talk and play with friends online.

I hope to get the skills and experience to get an apprenticeship at the end of this course.

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