Employment Rights and Responsibilities

There are many sources of information and advice available to us on employment rights and responsibilities.

Access to work is a very useful program run by the government. The access to work grant can pay for practical support for people who have a disability, health or mental health condition, to help start work, stay in work or move into self employment or start a business. The grant is not for people to use as a business start up costs.  However the money doesn’t have to be paid back and doesn’t affect benefits people receive.

Additional learning support is available to learner and institutions that provide additional help for people with an identified learning difficulty or disability. This support is given regardless of the learners background or the specific difficulty. This does show that when it comes to learning, Welsh Government and learning institutions are willing to help people with learning difficulties, some may need it and others may not. The problem is some ignorant employers, don’t seam to understand that it is a leaning difficulty not an inability to learn, which does need to be addressed in society.

My role in the organisation I was with was to type out menus on to excel documents and put products on to a peace of software for point of sale. I was also diagnosing and fixing hardware faults on the touch screen terminals as well being involved in installing touchscreen terminals, also troubleshooting wired and wireless networks in the workshop and on site. The role is a service engineer, we provide technical assistance to bar hotels and restaurants with their point of sales equipment.

I was interested in the network side when I started and found that this interest has grown throughout the apprenticeship.  This is why I applied to go to University to study HND Computer Network to further my career in IT Support. There are other paths for networking, for example I could have decided to take the Comptia Network + or gone and taken the CCNA certification, however I felt that going and studying at University was the best option for me.

There are representative bodies that are available to IT professionals. The software alliance Wales has provided support to the software development sector to address skills, competitiveness and key business challenges.  IT has provided training of IT professionals, Student projects for business and IT workshops for business.

The BCS provides advice on qualifications and certifications, business solutions and hold events to support employers and employees all over the UK and the world. On the BCS website they state that


“Supporting practitioners

Through continuing professional development and a series of respected IT qualifications, the Institute seeks to promote professional practice tuned to the demands of business. It provides practical support and information services to its members and volunteer communities around the world.”

These institutions enable IT professionals to be able to get information and advice on their industry, occupation, training and career. As well as IT related resources like the BCS and the Software Alliance Wales, Careers Wales is a great resource to point people of all ages in the wright direction for their career and professional growth.



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