Two Current issues in the News

Apple pay hits the streets of the UK, is it worth it? is it safe? No one really knows.

The new Apple pay is here and it will allow shoppers to use their phones to pay for products, probably only in London or very big chain stores.  To pay for something the shopper places the phone near the contact less readers, that is already used for tap and go sales in the UK, and uses the fingerprint sensor to confirm their identity.

There is a limit on the transactions, only £20, which will increase to a huge £30 in September, doesn’t really seam worth it does it. But if like swapping your credit card for your phone and keep forgetting your pin number good luck.

A real bit of news for you here is that Firefox has blocked Adobe Flash software by default on all versions of the Firefox web browser.

Mozilla has blocked Flash because they have found that bugs in flash are being used by cyber-thieves. Adobe are planning on fixing these bugs, when they get round to it and say they treat the security of their products very seriously.

Will this make people stop using Flash, probably not. It is good to know that Mozilla is looking out for the security of its users.

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One Response to Two Current issues in the News

  1. Leia says:

    They are getting very keen these browser-makers! Google Chrome has pulled Java applets outright in the past few weeks!

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