Reflection on today’s BBQ

Over the past two days we have had two different BBQs for Cancer Research UK. In the build up to the BBQ we each had to prepare different parts of the BBQ. Kyle and my  job was to price up the items and make a list of what shops we were going to go to get the food and supplies.

Individually I got to take control of the BBQ as Mike was not in from Tuesday till the day of the BBQ (Monday), so in my control I had to find out what we were going to price the food at and also who from the tutors would bring in some equipment.

Yesterday I was in charge of cooking the vegetarian food and also making sure all the food was bought. I also was part of the clean up where I ferried the stuff from outside to the inside. As a group our jobs were to make sure that the BBQ went off without a hitch. We had to have plans for what would happen if the weather was to change. Whereas, today my main job was to cook and make sure the BBQ was lit and working. I also helped clean up and ferried the stuff inside.

I think we worked well as a team. Some of the team members didn’t work as well as others but they still put in effort. To improve I think if we all put in the same amount of effort we could have had a much more efficient time. Also at the end of the day when it came to clean up I think no one could be bothered to do it so the tutors had to it.

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