The barbecue

Three weeks ago, our class were told that we would host a barbecue for cancer research on the 20th of July. The tutors had explained that we were to have no help from them, that in order to develop our skills we were to be completely independent on one another. this would improve skills such as team building and communication.

First we discussed possible dates, for when we can host the event. Finally we decided that the 20th of July on a Monday would be ideal, due to that being the day most of the students and members of staff will be in the building. It would be easier that way as we will have all the help that we can get.

soon we were told by the tutors what roles each of us would undertake. for example Chris was in charge of the barbaric and the lighting of it. Kyle and me were to go down to Tesco and Iceland to get  food for the barbecue. As a group, our main objective was to make sure that the barbecue would run smoothly and that no problems would occur during the event.

We also discussed the possibility that we host the event at a local park rather than outside the Itec building, unfortunately we did not have permission from the local authority to host the barbecue at the park. Instead we decided that we would do what we planned at the start and host it outside Itec. We did weigh out the benefits of having the barbecue outside Itec and the park. we decided that it would be better to have it at itec due to there being great facility’s such as toilets and a kitchen, none of which are at the park. But the park has benches and grass and generally a friendly summer like environment to  host it.

As a class we have a google doc open to discus what food we want to have at the barbecue . after some hours of debate we finally reached an agreement as to what types of food we want to have. we found it important that we include a vegetarian options at the event, as some of the staff are vegetarians. after we planned what we would have at the barbecue, we then needed to calculate the costs. we then opened a second google doc and searched the internet for the best deals that we can find for the food that we would buy. Soon enough we had calculated the amount and were happy with the result.

towards the end of the week, we began to panic as were not fully prepared. due to this i and the rest of the class had asked if the event could be postpone due to us not being prepared and the weather forecast. on the Monday. but it could not be postponed due to businesses already being contacted and the event being advertised for the day. because of this deadline,we pulled together and worked as hard and as fast as we could in order to be prepared for the Monday.Eventually we were fully prepared for the barbecue.

When the day finally came,we were soon forced to improvise, as it was raining heavy, unfortunately we were under the impression that it would be cloudy with some sun. so we completely unprepared for the rain, but the weather took a turn for the best towards the afternoon. Even though not many outsiders turned up to the event, almost Itec staff and students attended the event. And some of the staff also had some friends over.Profit wise, we raised about one hundred and ten pounds for Cancer Research.

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