My Review of my project

Review of my first project


What was the topic of your project?

The topic of my first project was about programming up an Epos terminal with the customers program and all necessary equipment to go onto the till ready to be taken down to the customer for install.

Why did you chose this topic?

I chose this topic because it is in my line of work and it was the closed and easiest topic for me to do because I do it on a day to day basis so it is in my head all of the time and I will never forget.

What software did you use to do the project?

The software that I used to create this topic was on Microsoft Office Word which is easy to use.

What things did I improve?

When going through different versions on my optional unit I changed a lot of things to try and make it better in terms of spelling or changing the layout or adding some images which would make it easier to understand.  Some of the things that I added to make the document better were the Epos icon for our company to put on the header of the document also I added a table which had all of the components needed and what they will be needed for in that table. Plus I added two images to show what image to use for the background of the till screen and how it should look when the till has been set up.

What information sources did you use?

Some of the information sources that I used was google to find out some things about the work I was going into. I used google to research and then I would use diigo to annotate and write relevant information down that I needed to know. Here is the link to be diigo stuff

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