Build up of the BBQ

Over the past few weeks the class has been organising a fund raiser BBQ for Cancer Research. The class have prepared all the funding of the BBQ, creating the menu, make sure we had enough food for all the guests, they sorted the raffle tickets and they created a ‘Guess the sweets’ game. One of my jobs was to create a poster for the event and have it ready to be printed out and scattered around the building and around the local area.

We set up the BBQ outside the Swansea ITeC building. We, as a group, moved tables and chairs outside so that people that came could sit down and enjoy their food. We set up the cutlery and plates outside on the tables, so we could move the food from the BBQ to the tables, ready to be sold.

Some of us went down different shops to get the food for the BBQ, and others stayed back to make sure the BBQ was lite and ready for the food to be cooked when the students returned with the food.

All of the students had different jobs to do. One would be cooking the food, one be preparing the plates, ready for the food to be on show, and then others jobs were, to make sure we had enough money for peoples change and to make sure we had enough food for the event.

I think if we were going to do it again, I would suggest having more posters and more advertisement, to get the word out there. We would of make more money for charity and we would have has less food left over from the BBQ.

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