Games made in the unity engine

  • Kerbal space program
  • I am bread
  • Rust

Kerbal space program

This is a game where the player must create his/her own space station and manage it. They must build spacecraft, fly them and try to help the dominant species which in this game is the Kerbals. The genre of this game is simulation.

The Characters

Kerbals are the native residence of the planet Kerbin, and cartoonish in-game analogy for humankind.


Linux, OS X, Windows, and PlayStation 4.

Target audience 


I am Bread

The beautiful story of a slice of bread on an epic journey to become toasted. As you progress into the game the story becomes more dark and is not what you expect. The genre of this game is action.

The Characters

A legendary piece of bread


Windows and OS X and is being developed for the Play station 4

Target audience



An open world multiplayer game that drops you in to a hostile environment. You can make friends and enemies craft tools and build homes. The main aspect of this game is that it is open world so you can explore and survive craft weapons and kill the cannibals that plague the island.

The Characters

Any person you desire


Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Steam Play

Target audience


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