Games made in Unity engine

Kerbal Space Program is a physics-based rocket builder and space flight simulator, available on Windows, OS X, Linux, and PS4. The game has realistic aerodynamics and orbital mechanics. It contains a solar-system populated with planets and moons for players to explore with the rockets they build from a set of components. The protagonists are Kerbals, the little green men who inhabit Kerbin and are regularly sacrificed to test new rockets. Because of its steep learning curve, the target audience is nerds with an existing interest in mechanics or the patience to learn.

Cities: Skyline is a city-builder simulation in which the player controls development of an urban area, with residential, commercial, and industrial zones. They plan and control infrastructure such as transport networks and utilities including water and electrical lines. It is built for Windows, OS X and Linux and has a wide target audience, because the player can decide the detail and depth with which he engages the game.

Mobius Final Fantasy is a mobile role-playing game for iOS and Android devices. It is part of the Final Fantasy franchise and contains certain gameplay elements from earlier games. The protagonist, Wol, wakes up with amnesia and must fulfill a prophecy to save the planet of Paramitia from the armies of Chaos. The game is based on a turn-based battle system, and its target audience are existing fans of either this system or the Final Fantasy franchise in general.

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