Sentences and Technical Terminology

Types of words.

The different types of words are:

Nouns– Words that are the name of something.

For example-The tree.

Adjectives– Describes the noun

For example- The large tree.

Verb– A word that describes what something is doing.

For example- The boy was running.

Adverb-Describes the word.

For Example- The boy was running Swiftly.

Connective-Words that are used to join sentences together.

Types of sentences.

There are three types of sentences and they are Simple sentences, Complex sentences and Compound sentences.

Simple Sentences

Simple sentences are only made up of one subject or predicate, one idea, one verb and contains independent(Main)clause and it can stand alone as one sentence.

Compound Sentences

Compound sentences are made up of two or more simple sentences combined using a conjunction and made up of more than one independent clauses joined together with a coordinated conjunction.

Complex Sentences.

A complex sentence is made up of more than one idea description, More than one verb and more than one clause.

Sentences have a certain anatomy



Must include clauses

Simple sentences – one clause

Compound and Complex- More than one clause

Subject-person doing the action

Object-the object involved in the action


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