Sentences and technical terminology

Type of words :-

Noun – name of something. e.g. Tree, House, Table.

Adjectives – describes a noun. e.g. Green tree, Massive house, Tidy table.

Verbs – doing word. e.g. Walking, Swimming, Running.

adverb – describes a verb. e.g. Walking fast, Swimming slowly, Running swiftly.

Connectives – joining words. e.g. And, Or, So, Also.

Type of sentences :-

There are three different types of sentences: Simple, compound and complex.

There are two sentence rules that need to be followed to constuct a perfect sentence.

Simple sentence – One clause.

Compound and Complex – Two or more clauses.

Sentences can contain subjects and objects.

Subject = Person or thing carrying out an action.

Object = involed in an action but doesn’t carry it out. Objects come after a verb.

Anatomy of a sentence

  • Verb.
    • Doing word.
  • Subject.
    • Who or what the sentence is about.
  • Predicate.
    • Anything apart form the subject.
    • Inclueds the verb.
    • Tells us what the subject does or did.

Simple sentence

  • Contains a single subject and predicate.
  • describes one thing, idea or question.
  • Has one verb.
  • Contain independent (main) clause.
  • Can stand alone as a sentence.

E.g. I have brown Eyes.

Compound sentence

  • Made up of two or more simple sentences combined using a conjunction.
  • Made up of mofe then one independent clause joined together with a co-ordaining conjunction.

E.g. I have brown eyes and I have brown hair.

Complex sentence

  • Describe more than one thing or idea.
  • Made up of more than one clause – an independant clause (one that can stand by itself) and a dependant (Subordinate) clause (whih cannot stand by itself.)

E.g. I love a sunday dinner that doesn’t have vegetables.

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