Sentences and Technical Terminology Literacy

Yesterday we learnt about types of words and the different types of sentences.

The different types of words:

Nouns “the name of something”, adjectives “describes the noun”, verbs “doing words”, adverb “describes the verb”, connective “joining words”

The different types of sentences are: Simple, compound and complex.

The rules of sentences are simple. Simple sentences have one clause where as compound and complex sentences use two or more clauses, sentences can contain subjects and objects (objects are things that are affected by the subject and the subject is who or what the sentence is about). There are also things called predicate these are anything apart from the subject this includes the verb. it also tells us what the subject dose or did. The object usually comes after the adverb.

Complex sentences describe more than one thing or idea. An idea of a complex sentence is: I don’t like cats if they are black. They have more than one verb and made up of more than one clause an independent clause is one that can stand by itself like: I don’t like cats and dependent (subordinate) clause that cannot stand by itself like: if they are black.

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