sentences and technical terminology

Today we learnt many things, things such as nouns and complex sentences. Through the lesson we were told to give examples of complex, compound and simple sentences. At first I struggled to understand what was going on. But as the lesson progressed I started to understand what complex sentences are.

For example a complex sentence describes more than one idea or thing, it also has more than one verb in it. It is also split up into more than one clause, unlike a simple sentence.Though I did not struggle to understand what a compound sentence was as both clauses in the sentence can stand alone. I did not find it hard to grasp what simple sentence is either.

We were not only told what a simple,compound and complex sentence was. At the start of the lessons we covered the basics such as verbs,adverbs,connections and nouns. It was imperative that understood these as the next task required us to have some knowledge of this.

Nouns, the name of something . For instance “my dog is called Bella” the dog would be the noun.

Adjectives, describing a noun. Typically this would go on the lines of “the tree is green” The tree would be the noun and the green would be the describing word for the noun, therefore making it the adjective.

Verbs, a doing word. for example swimming or running.

Connection, a word joining sentences. such as “I went to the park and then got an ice-cream”.The and in between park and then would be the connecting word.

Adverb, a word describing a verb. for example” I was swimming casually”. Saying I was swimming would be a verb( swimming being the verb). It therefore couldn’t be a a adverb. But due to the casually it becomes a adverb as it is a describing word.

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