Jurassic Park Comprehension

  1. What has John Hammond done?

John Hammond recreated the dinosaurs.

  1. Where are the characters at the beginning of the extract?

The characters were outside the Tyrannosaurus enclosure in electric cars.

  1. Why could the T-rex grip the fence?

The T-rex could grip the fence as the power to the electric fence had been cut off.

  1. What does Gennaro do when he sees the T-rex?

Gennaro bolted to an unfinished building.

  1. Why does Alan say, “Don’t move”?

Alan says “Don’t move” because the T-rex can’t see you if you are still.

  1. Quaking= the floor was moving. Vibrations= the ground was shaking. Bolted = running away from the T-rex.

Beacon= the only thing that was visible at the time to the t-rex.   Butted= he head butted the car.

Undercarriage= the bottom of the car.

  1. How does the author create a feeling of fear in the first three paragraphs?

The author create the feeling of fear by have simple short sentences that make the reader read more quickly.

  1. What impression do you get of Gennaro?

The reader gets the impression that Gennaro doesn’t care about the other people with him only about himself.

  1. How do you think that Dr Alan Grant knows something about dinosaurs?

Dr Alan Grant knows something about dinosaurs because he tells the boy not to move as the T-rex can’t see them if they don’t move this implies that he has knowledge of dinosaurs.

  1. Why does Lex turn on the flashlight?

I can only assume that Lex turns the flashlight on as there was no electricity and it was dark so he wanted to see.


Did you feel that I asked? Lex had no clue what I was talking about. But then he felt it. There were loud quaking noises getting closer and closer to the car. Gennaro started to panic, and then out of nowhere a T-rex appeared. As the T-rex swung his head I gasped the head of the beast was bigger than my whole body and the body was bigger than a bus. The beast waved his arms in the air. Then it clawed the fence it was trying to tear the fence down.

We look back and Gennaro had bolted, he was running away, he didn’t say a thing he just ran leaving Lex and I all alone with the beast.

All of a sudden Lex turned on a flashlight and the T-rex looked up. Lex started to apologise the T-rex walked towards the car. Lex and I looked up and all we could see was the head through the sunroof. The dinosaur roared and roared again. It was so loud that the windows started to rattle. It struck; it lifted his leg and kicked the car, the windows shattered and the car tilted onto its side.

It then lowered its head and head butted the car sending the car off the road. We tumbled round the car as it rolled over. The car was now upside down I turned around and looked out of the window we were right next to a cliff. The T-rex came close to the car, it was huge, and it put one leg on top of the car and tore the undercarriage of. It was biting anything it could get its teeth into, it ripped of the back of the car and then a tyre. We were trapped he was about to push us of the side of the cliff.

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