Jurassic Park Reading Comprehension

1. John Hammond has recreated the world of dinosaurs on a remote island.

2. At the beginning of the extract, the characters were in electric cars outside the Tyrannosaurus paddock.

3. The Tyrannosaurus could grip the fence because the power had gone down, so the fence was not electrified.

4. When Gennaro sees the Tyrannosaurus, he runs from the car to a small unfinished building.

5. Alan says “Don’t move,” because, as he explains, the Tyrannosaurus can’t see them if they don’t move.

6. a) quaking means shaking and refers to the sound of the ground moving under the T-rex’s footsteps

b) ‘vibrations’ are short, rapid movements back and forth

c) ‘bolted’ means to run quickly and suddenly away from something such as a T-rex

d) a ‘beacon’ is a bright light which draws something such as a T-rex towards it

e) ‘butted’ means to hit or push something such as a car, with a body-part such as a T-rex’s head

f) the ‘undercarriage’ is the underside, or bottom, of the car

7. The author creates a feeling of fear in the first three paragraphs through his use of short sentences. Because these sentences are from the point of view of the characters, it creates the impression that they are panicked.

8. The author gives the impression that Gennaro is cowardly, because he ran away without warning the others or being concerned with their safety.

9. It is clear that Dr Alan Grant is knowledgeable about dinosaurs because he explains to Ian that T-rex cannot see them if they don’t move.

10. Because of how she apologises immediately, I think Lex turned on the flashlight accidentally.

11. (Extra)

I noticed that the car started shaking. I asked Lex if she felt it, but at first she didn’t. It felt like giant footsteps shaking the ground, and then suddenly a T-rex walked up to the giant fence and grabbed it. It shouldn’t have been able to do that. The fence was supposed to be electrified, but the T-rex was breaking through.

As quickly as he could, Gennaro ran from the car and disappeared down the road. He abandoned us!

The T-rex was on the road now, outside its paddock. I hoped we might be okay because it was focussed on the other car, looking through the window. I was wrong. All of a sudden there was a blinding light in the car as Lex turned on her flashlight. She tried saying sorry – I think it was an accident – but it was too late.

Through the sunroof we could see the T-rex, looming over us. It roared twice and made the loudest sound I’ve ever heard before smashing the car. It kicked and headbutted us, and all the car windows broke. We were trapped in the upside-down car as it rolled off the road. The T-rex was attacking the car, ripping bits off and sinking its teeth into a tyre. I looked out the window to see we were balanced precariously over the edge of a cliff, at the dinosaur’s mercy!


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