Jurassic Park.

  1. John Hammond recreated a world of real dinosaurs on a remote island.
  2. They were outside the Tyrannosaurus Paddock in the car.
  3. The T-Rex could grip the fence because the electricity was off in the park.
  4. When Gennaro saw the T-Rex, his eyes widened, he stared in horror then bolted out of the car.
  5. Alan says “Do not move” because he explains to the group that the T-Rex cannot see you if you don’t move.

A. Quaking means shaking of the ground, which, references to the ground shaking when the T-Rex was walking.

B. Vibrations are extremely quick motions.

C. Bolted means to run quickly.

D. Beacon is a bright ray/ball of light.

E. Butted means to hit something with your head.

F. Undercarriage is the underneath of the vehicle.

  1. The author creates the feeling of fear in the first three paragraphs by making the sentences short and snappy while involving action and tension.
  2. The impressions I get of Gennaro is that he cares more about himself rather than the others and that he is scared of the T-Rex.
  3. Dr Alan Grant knows about dinosaurs as he tells the group about the fact that T-Rex’s cannot see what does not move.
  4. I believe Lex turned the flashlight by accident or because the electric went out and she couldn’t see.
  5. “Did you feel that?” Tim asked, I didn’t understand what he was talking about at first but then I felt it and the car started shaking and I immediately got scared. I didn’t know what it was or where it was coming from. Suddenly, there was some quaking sounds, I thought it was an earthquake and I got nervous but then I thought to myself, wait! They sound like footsteps. Gennaro’s eyes opened widely and just as they did the sound got louder and the vibrations got stronger. What was causing it? Then I saw what it was, it was a big Tyrannosaurus-Rex and it was grabbing the fence. “I thought the fence was electric” I thought to myself. Gennaro just looked on, terrified, the electricity must have gone on the fences as well, is the fence strong enough to stand the T-rex?

The T-rex banged his head against the fence, Tim gasped. Its head was bigger than me and Tim and the body was bigger than a city bus! It started swinging its tiny funny looking hands and started clawing at the fence and started tearing down. Gennaro ran away from the car leaving just me and Tim in the second car on our own, he didn’t even say a word. He just ran? I started screaming but he didn’t stop he stopped in an unfinished building up the road. Will he be safe in there? Suddenly a flashlight came from our car as the T-rex was free. Our car was like a giant ball of light, I hit my knee on the switch by accident. I immediately turned it off “I’m Sorry, sorry, sorry” I mumbled to Tim.

As I lifted my head I could see the head of the T-rex and without warning it roared twice and started kicking the car. The windows smashed, and the car was now on its side and it started butting the car off the road!

Tim and I were tumbling all over the place inside the car, we were by the edge of the cliff. The bottom of the car was torn clean off by the T-Rex who now, was snapping at anything he could get at while pushing us off the cliff face.

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