Unity Workshop

Yesterday(03/08/2015), we were taught by a gentleman named Darren Adams, a game designer for the company ChaosTrendsLtd; the company that made Super Jetpack Penguin and other fun and addicting games. We were taught how to make a game and all the coding needed for making a game. The software we used was Unity. We were introduced to the basic skills needed for making a game and the tools required for the completion of the game. We decided to make a plat-former game but we didn’t finish it. Me, Chis Evans, and Liam Collins worked in a team as they were coders and I am the art side of the group rather than the technical side. I decided to design a level on some paper but was told it might be too difficult to design as there were to many intricate shapes and we weren’t coding AI into the game.

Overall I believe Darren balanced out the class really well and taught us all at our paces. He slowed when people asked him and he then picked up the pace rather well. I didn’t leave the class wondering how to do certain things as he covered all the basic components of making a game and the scripts involved.


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Nazywam się Kyle Delaney jestem 16 lat i mieszkam w Swansea i kocham anime أنا أحب لعب كرة السلة في عطلة نهاية الأسبوع MY NAME IS JEFF!!
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