Jurassic Park

  1. Hammond made a remote island that withholds different types of dinosaurs.
  2. The characters were just outside the T-Rex enclosure, in electric cars, when all the power went off.
  3. The T-Rex could grab the fence because all the power went off and the electric fences were un-operational.
  4. When Gennaro saw the T-Rex, he bolted out of the car and ran towards a unfinished, wooden building, without saying a word.
  5. Alan says “don’t move” because in his knowledge of the T-Rex, the T-Rex cannot see you if you don’t move.
  1. Explain –

Quaking – rumbling, like something is shaking.

Vibrations – the shaking of the ground that is shaking the car.

Bolted – ran swiftly to one location.

Beacon – something that lights up to grab your attention.

Butted – head butted, hit something with your head

Undercarriage – bottom of the car/frame.

  1. The author creates the feeling of fear by adding small sentences and building suspense and tension.
  2. I think Gennaro is kind of selfish, and only thinks about himself and not others because he runs out of the car and leaves the 2 children behind, without a thought.
  3. Dr Alan Grant has some knowledge on dinosaurs, I think this because in the heat of the moment when the T-Rex escaped, he didn’t react to it, and he said “don’t move”. Which other people would have most likely panicked and ran.
  4. I think Lex turned the light on in fear of not being able to see where the T-Rex was, therefore she switched the flash light on to give herself light to see, which attracted the T-Rex to the car.

Jurassic Park, (Tim Point of View)

“Did you feel them Lex?” I asked. At first Lex didn’t know what I was talking about. But then she felt it, too. The car was shaking. I was terrified and I was wondering what is making this happen.

There was a loud quaking sound and it seemed like the whole world was shaking. Like a massive earthquake. It felt like something big was walking towards us, and coming closer with each footstep.

I could see Gennaro’s eyes widen in fear, I could see the fear in his face. Once again we heard the mysterious sound. The sound got louder. I could feel the car shaking more and more. Then there was a massive stomp and then silence. I looked at Lex and Gennaro and they both were looking up though the sun roof. I tilted my head upwards, then I seen it. A Tyrannosaurus rex. It was looking around while griping the fence. All of us stared in horror. “I thought the fences were electric fences and that the dinosaurs cant climb them or they will get shocked.” I said in shock. Gennaro replied “oh no, the power must of effected the fences too! But would it break though?”

I looked out of the side window and I saw the T-Rex swinging it massive head. Its boxy head was bigger than my whole body, and its body was bigger than the two cars put together. Then the dinosaur was waving its really, small, silly looking arms in the air. Then he clawed down the fence. The T-Rex was coming though!

In the heat of the moment Gennaro swiftly ran out of the car. He didn’t say a word, he just ran. Lex called his name many of times, to come back but he just ran and didn’t look back. So it was just me and Lex in the car. Alone. Me and Lex shuffled over to the side window to see where the T-Rex was. The T-Rex was though the fence and right outside Alan and Ian’s car. Lex said “I can’t see said Lex.” Then Lex turned the flashlight on and the T-Rex lifted its head. “Turn it off, Turn it off.” I said in fear. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Lex said in a panicking tone.

Roar! The dinosaur opened its mouth wide, then roared again. It was so loud, it made the windows shake and rattle. Then I saw the thick, tree trunk leg smash the side of the car. The kick was so powerful, it made the windows shatter and the car tilted on its side. Lex and myself tumbled over as the car rolled over. The T-Rex bent down and butted the car off the road and pushing the car closer to the cliff. I turned around to look how close we were to the edge of the cliff. Bang! The T-Rex slammed his foot on the fame of the car, and started to rip into the undercarriage with its mighty jaws. The T-Rex was biting everything his jaws could get hold of. Me and Lex were trapped, alone in this rolled over car. And with every bit and push, the car was getting closer and closer to the edge of the massive cliff. I was so scared, I curled up in a ball and closed my eyes…

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