Personality Type Test

Today I did the Myers-Brigg personality test, which asks 50 questions to determine which of 16 personality typologies best describe you. The answers you give to the questions place you at positions on four scales of opposing psychological elements: extroverted – introverted; sensing – intuitive; thinking – feeling; and judging – perceiving. My personality type is INTP, described as “The Logician”.


I think some of the results are a bit inaccurate becauseĀ the questions were answered on a sliding scale from fully agree to fully disagree, and I tended to answer with extremes – either fully agree or disagree – when I should probably have chosen more answers inbetween. However, overall, I think the personality type is correct.

INTPs are described as being “marked by a quiet, stoic, modest, and aloof exterior that masks strong creativity and enthusiasm for novel possibilities. Their weaknesses include poor organization, insensitivity to social niceties, and a tendency to get lost in abstractions.”

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