my Itec experience

I am now at the end of my stay at Itec. Throughout the whole course, I have learned many things and have met many new people. I came here to hopefully be able to improve not only my communication skills. but to work in a team and to develop my English and maths skills further. I hope that in the future I will be a qualified architect, and in order to do that knowledge of programs such a Google Sketch Up, Maya, Photoshop and auto cad are extremely important if I am to pursue the career that I desire. At my stay at Itec I have certainly improved my maths and English skills through programs such as fore-skills and through the help of my tutors. lucky I was able to take part in exercises such as the cancer research barbecue and the beach run. both activities helped me improve my communication skills which I hoped to develop  before joining the course. I was also able to join in on a workshop specifically for gaming design and coding, which allowed me to open my mind to other possible career paths that I might undertake later in life. The workshop allowed me to use programs that I haven’t used before. such as Unity Engine. The workshop as a whole was very interesting, and let me met new people.

Not only have I developed many new skills in Itec. I have also made new friends and secured a placement at Lwyn Yr Bryn art college, starting  in September the first. Itec has developed the skills that are needed to do well in college. Not only have I improved skills that I have already,but gained new ones. which will help me progress a lot faster in college. If I had not gone to Itec first, I doubt that Would be able to communicate properly with my tutors.

I have enjoyed my stay here greatly, there have been times were not everything has gone so great. but now that I am at the end of my course and look back. I can see that the tutors have helped me a lot. so I say thank you to all of the tutors at Itec for helping me not only improve the skills I need in college. but helping me improve my general attitude to day to day life.

Tank you Itec 🙂

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