ICT Project 2 review

The goal of my second project was to create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic I was interested in. I chose to do my project on Frank Iero as he I idolize him and know about his career enough to find topics that would fit the criteria of the project.

I had to use Microsoft Power Point to create the presentation and Excel to assist in the data for the record sales graph.

For my research I mostly used Wikipedia and the official websites for the record companies or instruments. I found Wikipedia to be reliable as all of their sources are sited at the end of the page and all changes to the page are checked over by site administrators.

The images I used for my project I acquired from Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/). I had to make sure to filter the images by creative commons usage to make sure that they weren’t subject to copyright.
I believe that my use of ICT in this project was successful. I didn’t find any issues with using the software that I chose, nor using the internet for my research.

Between the first and final draft there were a few amendments that needed to be made, such as some bullet points needing to be summarised and font sizes changed.

I could have improved my PowerPoint by putting more consideration into slide changes.

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