First Day Blog

My name is Connor Dineen, I come from Morriston, I’m 16 and came from Morriston Comp. I enjoy reading long fiction novels, so long as they’re part of a series and the occasional 1 shot story. I also enjoy playing computer games, card games and a few different kinds of board games.

What I want to do in the course is learn whatever I can about ICT, because although I want to get into a very ICT dependent I know very little about the topic. I plan to get an apprenticeship after I’ve finished this course with Pisys.Net answering phone calls and going out on site to fix people computers physically and technically.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience, however I have been on work experience with Pisys.Net who believed me to be one of the better work experience applicants to have gone there for a long time. From this course I would like to be able to physically repair computers, printers, monitors and other general household computer related products and would also like to know how to repair software, hardware and all other types of technical sides of a computer.

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