Yesterday morning I sat in with Diane as she did a presentation on apprenticeships. This was beneficial as I am coming close to the end of my time at ITeC and I need to consider as many options for my next stage in a working environment from here on.

In the afternoon, we were asked to do a PowerPoint on culture and belief, with the last slide stating our opinions on immigration. I chose to do mine on the development of different religions in the UK due to immigration.

We only got to witness three of the PowerPoint done by the class, but they all held valid points. Kieran did his on Welsh culture and stated that he can see both the pros and the cons in immigration. He said that the pros were the support of Indian doctors in the NHS and that the cons were that some immigrants just “sponged off” of the government for housing and child welfare benefits. I opposed this, making the point that a large percentage of Britons also “sponge off” of the government. He took this into consideration and said that he was only looking at the immigration side of things.

My view on immigration is that it is beneficial for cultural appreciation and development, and the support of Indian doctors is very beneficial to the NHS as young general practitioners are now hard to come by. There is also the argument that should they come from countries with less jobs available or a low standard of living, should they come to the UK they’ll have more of a drive to make a living for themselves and support their own homes and families, as well as working to a high standard.

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