Company Procedures

1. What are Quicklink’s principles of conduct and codes of practice – in other words, what must you do in your role to comply with organisation and legal requirements.

In Quicklink we must comply with different roles, as we work in the IT industry we have different codes we have to abide by. To comply with the legal requirements we have to ensure we have all of our products working correctly and are tested for safety reasons. The laws and guidelines we follow at Quicklink are listed in the “Quicklink Standard Terms and Conditions”. We deal with customer complaints through the support team sales team, who pass their customer onto support, who will try to fix the problem or we would send out a new unit.
2. What types of concerns might the general public have about the industry you work in? For instance, this might be privacy (video technology), or data protection (security of your customer database).
Working in Quicklink, people may be worried about the privacy with the data they are transmitting as we make sure the units are working we may need to perform maintenance tasks, i.e to update the server to the latest software version. We also keep our data secure by ensuring the data is only kept in the company to ensure no personal data is leaked. We don’t have specific security for keeping data secure; we just ensure no data is shared externally; we have to sign a declaration of trust to confirm we will not share any data.
3. Where could you get further advice about your employment rights and responsibilities, for example if you needed help during a disciplinary procedure?

I could get further advice about needing help if I had a disciplinary procedure, by speaking to another employee that I work with, there are also other organisations that I could speak to if I needed help. Or I could arrange to have a meeting with my employer to try and fix the issue. If I had suffered a disciplinary hearing or suffered long-term ill health I could speak to someone who isn’t connected to the case to provide unbiased feedback.

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